Rideshare Hub Washington DC

Welcome to the uberhubWashingtonDC.com. My friends, I have a link beneath this video that takes you directly through to the address of that specific hub and the opening times. They are closed on weekends. it is always very very helpful and useful to speak to a live person, not a robot, but a live person one-on-one, right at that help desk. When you check in they, text you a message and say hey so-and-so, Sally or Harry is available at desk number 6. Make sure you show up at that desk and then you have a helper in front. If you that person cannot help you and it’s a more complex issue, escalated up to management. Always take note of the time, the date and the person you spoke to, right. Now many people go to the hub to resolve some of the following: Let’s say you’ve been deactivated and you want to find out why. You need to go down there and find out why and how you can get back in, how you can get your job back. If you’ve had an accident or you’ve hit someone or someone’s hit you, usually you can go and get those things sorted out at a hub. If somebody’s thrown up in your car and you’re quarreling about the clean-up fees, go and speak to a hub, right. Now, with the activation process, they will want your banking details, your driver driver’s license, your registration documents of your car and your insurance documents and if you sign up directly at the hub, you miss out on the Uber guarantee or on the Uber driver referral bonus, right. So if you go through my link underneath the video, you create an account, you then qualify for that extra money. You do not get that extra bonus or guarantee if you sign up directly at the hub. So those four things I just mentioned, you can upload those through the Uber driver app, once you’ve created the account underneath my link. For general questions in the city, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me 365 days a year. I have my email and my phone number underneath this video. That’s an invite for you to step forward and send off your general questions. I’ll always try and get them answered for you. Have a great day.

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